In 2017, the working group Awareness & Diversity was founded within the Clubcommission to address how to create safer and more diverse environments within the club and festival culture. The aim of a diverse and discrimination-sensitive club culture is very demanding and can only work through continuous work on the topic and an open, constructive dialogue with all participants. This is why the Clubcommission launched the Awareness Akademie in 2020, funded by the Musicboard Berlin. Today, it represents the Awareness & Diversity department of the Clubcommission, which now implements a wide range of project activities, formats and cooperations.

Since 2023, the Awareness Academy has been part of the Club Culture Hub of Clubcommission Berlin e.V., funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion, Musicboard Berlin GmbH and the European Regional Development Fund – EFRE „Stärkung des Innovationspotentials in der Kultur -INP-III“.

Our Team

Katharin Ahrend
Head of the Awareness Akademie of the Clubcommission Berlin

Thale Reitz
Project assistant of the Awareness Akademie of the Clubcommission Berlin

Josephine (Pepita) Niang
Project assistant Awareness Werkstatt & Peer Counseling

Melissa Kolukisagil
Project Manager of Diversitygerechtes Ausgehen in Berlin

Elena Heim
Project assistant of Diversitygerechtes Ausgehen in Berlin

Maximilian Mauracher Design
Marco Tiberio Development




+49 30 27 57 66 99


Together with you, the Awareness Academy seeks to recognize and dismantle discriminatory structures and mechanisms in club culture. We welcome you to share and propose workshop ideas, roundtable topics and other materials that you’d like to share.

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