The Awareness Akademie supports the development of and the sensibilization for anti-discriminatory structures and is actively working for the prevention of violence and exclusion within club culture.


Harm Reduction & Queercare

Introductory workshop to harm reduction and its role within queer parties by the Lisbon based collective Mina Suspension. Materials from the Ravers Care Corner will be presented and explained. The workshop also focuses on crisis situations, either related to drugs, anxiety or the overwhelming environment. There will be a more theoretical part about drug overdoses as well as a practical approach on how to provide support.



Awareness refers to the conscious attention to situations in which the boundaries of others are or have been crossed. All forms of discrimination and (sexualized) violence can play a role in this, but it is also about sensitivity to a person’s well-being. Awareness (the English word is used in German) is a theory and practice that arose in feminist circles in Germany, inspired by second-wave feminism in the USA. It has since made its way into club, festival, and other subcultural spaces. Awareness work aims to ensure that all people, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, skin color, origin, appearance, and physical abilities, can feel as comfortable, free, and safe as possible. Border-crossing situations and (sexualized) violence should be prevented in advance by making people aware of structures and reflecting on them. If they do occur, there are trained staff to whom affected persons can turn for advice, support and help, if necessary.


Together with you, the Awareness Academy seeks to recognize and dismantle discriminatory structures and mechanisms in club culture. We welcome you to share and propose workshop ideas, roundtable topics and other materials that you’d like to share.

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As Awareness Academy, we always aim to critically reflect our own position within club culture.This is not a one-time event but rather an ongoing process of reflection and change. Thus, we seek to discuss how our own structures operate in terms of diversity and awareness. We always welcome your feedback and suggestions.