Awareness als Querschnittsaufgabe in der Clubcommission


Club culture thrives on the diversity of the communities it unites. Across all its projects, the Clubcommission therefore aims to reduce discrimination and to critically interrogate existing power structures. The network, the insights and experiences from the work of the Awareness Academy play a central role in this.

United We Stream, the solidarity response to Covid-19 and the worldwide shutdown of club culture, was launched in spring 2020 by Clubcommission and partner organizations. The Awareness Academy’ knowledge and experience supported UWS’ Awareness working group. A manifesto and set of guidelines were collectively developed for the global platform to foreground diversity and inclusivity in artist booking and awareness components.

With the Tag der Clubkultur (“Day of Club Culture”) on October 3, 2020, Berlin club culture sent a decisive sign of life amidst the existential threat of Covid-19. Forty clubs and collectives were honored as part of this project for their years- or decades-long commitment to Berlin club culture. The jury composition sought to reflect the diverse perspectives of the club scene, and the evaluation criteria explicitly centered diversity and awareness work and values.