The consumption of G in a club context has increased significantly in recent years. Since the reopening of the clubs, the public debate about this in Berlin has once again taken on new relevance and is polarizing due to very different perspectives and approaches to the topic. G is a particularly high-risk substance, as there is a very high potential of unintentional overdose—which can be fatal. The danger increases especially when mixed with alcohol or other downers.

Therefore, we stand for a responsible and open approach to the topic. In order to illuminate this dialogue from different perspectives, to discuss responsibilities and challenges in more depth, we dedicate the next roundtable of the Awareness Academy to the topic and would like to invite you to join us.

26.11.2021, 7-9pm

Alte Münze Berlin, Molkenmarkt 2, 10179 Berlin

Registration here.

This time, the roundtable will take place on site exclusively in English and will be available online as a livestream.


Pansy is the stage and internet persona of Parker Tilghman. The American-born artist developed his work increasingly in nightclubs, festivals and public cultural institutions. For her, drag is a form of expression that promotes social justice and the voices of other female*, trans* and non-binary artists. In his work, she mixes comedy and camp in order to discuss issues such as HIV, racism, mental health and sexual violence.

Leur Hirz is a clinical psychologist. She works at the Berliner Krisendienst, at Lara e.V. – Fachberatungsstelle gegen sexuelleisierte Gewalt an Frauen, as a feminist researcher and in counseling children and adolescents in school contexts. She has also been active for several years in eclipse e.V. – psychedelic crisis intervention.

Rüdiger Schmolke is a health scientist and has worked for over 25 years in the field of low-threshold, acceptance-oriented drug work. He is an active board member of SONICS Safer Nightlife Bundesverband and one of the coordinators of SONAR – Safer Nightlife Berlin.

Lukas Roediger is a second-year resident in psychiatry at the Charité.  He has been part of the working group »AG Psychotrope Substanzen« for about 3 years. Within this framework, Felix has contributed to several surveys and publications on the topic of »party drugs«.
In the context of his inpatient work on the acute ward, he has accompanied about 10-20 inpatient GBL withdrawals, experienced and treated complications and acute intoxications in the consultation service (advising on other wards) and in the emergency department.

Karina Nawrat is running the booking for several clubs in Berlin as well as in Poland and is hosting a floor at Undercity Festival, PL. The events in the clubs she books reflect her long lasting interest in creating an inclusive, experimental and safe environment for the artists of many different social and musical backgrounds. Karina has been hosting a number of queer events at venues she books such as RIOT, Mala Junta, BRENN, DURCH and many others.