Although every transgression or assault is an individual incident in a specific situation, discrimination in the club context, as in the rest of society, is mostly structural and systematic. I.e. the challenges and problems are similar and we can learn a lot from each other and support each other in coping and dealing constructively with incidents of discrimination. We would like to take up and use these needs and opportunities with our new format of Collegial Case Consultation for Berlin clubs to deal with discrimination cases.

Based on a systemic perspective, the method of peer counselling makes it possible to use the wealth of ideas of a group to solve problems. Within this framework, we would like to bring together people from different trades from Berlin clubs and collectives to discuss case studies from the club context together with professionally guided mediation and to advise each other on how to deal with incidents of discrimination. The counselling will be led by a licensed mediator BM®, with a focus on anti-discrimination, and facilitated by another person with practical experience in Berlin club culture.

Wednesday, 13.09.2023, 12.30-16:00 incl. 30 minutes break.

During the three hours, two anonymised case studies of 90 minutes each will be discussed.

Please send us anonymous case studies from your club/collective that you would like to discuss. Two case studies will be selected to be discussed in the first session. Please describe the topic or the situation defined as a problem as precisely as possible. In order to maintain discretion, please do not mention specific names in the examples.

The event will take place on site in Berlin and in English.

You can register via email:

For a successful registration we need the following data: Name, organisation, area of responsibility, email address, telephone number and a case study!

The target group is all trades from club cultural institutions as well as organisers and people from collectives in the context of club culture.

Participation is free of charge and the number of participants is limited to 12.