Sexism Free Night stands for a future where nightlife embraces a gender perspective in the promotion of safety, diversity & valuable experiences for all.

It’s a project co-funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme and is based in a consortium that involves nightlife promoters, NGOs and a University with the aim of creating a transdisciplinary dialogue to promote safer and more egalitarian nightlife environments.

After disseminating a web survey for a better understanding of sexism and sexual violence in nightlife environments, we want to map and describe the projects/ initiatives/ collectives that are already implementing responses/ concepts to denormalize sexism in nightlife and festivals or to prevent gender-based violences in these settings. With this data we intend to create a map highlighting the initiatives already implemented in Europe and to begin the process of creating a European network intersecting gender, nightlife and drug use – Sexism Free Night Network, to reinforce the dialogue and to exchange best practices and advocacy in this field.

So if you’re part of an organisation or a collective that is implementing responses/ concepts that contribute to gender equality in nightlife and festival sectors and/ or works in the field of awareness raising and creating safer spaces in our club culture, you can fill out the Sexism Free Night Questionnaire to become a member of the network!