The research explores the intersections between sexual violence, nightlife environments (e.g. party spaces, going out at night) and drug use in Europe. We believe that this study can increase knowledge about sexism and the rape culture in different European regions, and inform policies and practices in nightlife that will result in more egalitarian Nightlife settings! 

The research activities of Sexism Free Night were based in a Europe-wide websurvey aimed at collect information on the prevalence of sexism and sexual violence among over-18s in Europe, and to analyse its intersections with specific key factors such as patterns of drug use, participation in nightlife and party environments, nightlife mobility and beliefs about sexual violence. 

We have asked questions about people’s nightlife experiences, acknowledging the COVID19 pandemic happening at the time of survey launching. The time frame included going out before the covid-19 outbreak and also going out in the context of social isolation (e.g. small parties or meetings at home, in nature or public spaces with friends, 

You can download the full report HERE.