What is the difference between our everyday communication and the much-cited Nonviolent Communication? Whether at the entry to a club, the bar, among party guests, or within the team: Why do we find it so difficult to remain calm and keep an overview in conflict and stressful situations? How can we express our displeasure and still remain cooperative and open to our counterpart? How can we make small changes in our communication to remain open, calm, and responsive in stressful situations and conflicts?

In this workshop you will learn something about the complexity of interpersonal communication, which traps we observe in everyday language, what appreciation in communication means to us and how it can help us to significantly facilitate our cooperation.
Self-awareness is an essential part of this learning process. This ensures that no superficial patent solutions for a better social image are taken away, but that successful communication and conflict resolution are practiced.

In addition to basic information, the workshop offers sufficient space for participants to try out and practice what they have learned. Participants will also have the opportunity to bring and discuss their own club-specific cases and examples.

The targeted audience is anyone employed in the nightlife/party setting as well as people who actively participate in nightlife.

The workshop will be led by Sophie Kalau, psychologist and trainer in Nonviolent Communication. Sophie’s work is characterized by a sensitive approach to the topics of anti-discrimination, diversity work and empowerment.

The two-day free workshop is limited to a number of participants of 14, will be held in English and will take place on site at the Clubcommission premises.

Wednesday and Thursday, 16.03. & 17.03.2021 from 10:00-16:00 each day.

Registration via: awareness@clubcommission.de

For a successful registration we need the following data: Name, organization, scope of duties, e-mail address and phone number.